The Role of Facebook Communities in Social Participation for Persons with Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Content Analysis

Below you will find the research poster my colleague Kristin Jones, OTR/L and myself presented at the American OT Association’s annual conference and the Washington OT Conference. We also presented a version of this research at the World Federation of Occupational Therapy Conference in 2014.

This independently conducted qualitative research study was inspired by my experiences as a patient participating in rheumatoid arthritis-specific Facebook groups. Over time it became apparent how relevant the discussions were to occupational therapy’s unique domain. I observed that people used these groups to share their personal stories, provide and gain personal support, and share advice/ideas about how to perform activities of daily living with the least amount of pain possible.  In order to objectively assess the communication content, my friend and colleague Kristin Jones and I performed the data analysis seen below in the “data overview” section. We are now brainstorming practical applications for this research – stay tuned for more!

RA Social Media AOTA Poster Pie Chart Gif


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My punctuation mark of preference is, without a doubt, the exclamation point! Join me as I explore the wonderful worlds of: studying Occupational Therapy, gluten-free cooking/baking, swing dancing, photography, and living a full life with Rheumatoid Arthritis. There will be parenthetical tangents, there will be cake, there will be almost unbearable amounts of cuteness, but most of all…there will be enthusiasm. (!)
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